Jay Helfert


1987 Classic Cup in Chicago / Womens Final

Danny DiLiberto vs Ronnie Allen (Preview)

1988 World One Pocket Challenge Match

$20,000 challenge match between Ronnie Allen and Danny DiLiberto from 1988 at the Golden Eight Ball in Phoenix, Arizona. Three out of five sets. Race to five each set.

Five sessions over three days of play.


  • Danny DiLiberto

    "I've known Jay since the 60's. Although he loved to compete, he became more respected as a great game maker and money winner who helped out many a pool player when down on their luck."

  • Billy Incardona

    "Jay's recollection of pool stories exceeds any that I've ever heard. His exactness in recalling events as they actually happened is amazing. There are few as qualified to write about pool action as Jay. He has always been right on the money with everything he has accomplished and this book isn't any different."

  • Pat Fleming

    "Jay is the 'go to' man in pool. He is a living historian and a source for all pool info. As an accomplished player himself, he evolved into every aspect of the sport. He has given sage advice to up-and-coming players as well as champions. Jay is a valued member of the pool community who gets a nod and a smile from all who know him."